Training Plan

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Your Personalised Workout Program (if you have selected one) will be updated every four weeks because changing your entire workout program every week is generally considered too frequent and wont really allow time to see progress.

You will notice the weight to lift is not mentioned in your workout program; this is because we cannot do so safely without being there in person. What I would suggest is to choose a weight that will allow you to get the target reps with good form.

If you are hitting your rep range easily you should go up in weight.

Your reps and sets are displayed like this: 15/12/10. This means three sets total; one set of fifteen; one set of twelve; and one set of ten. The reps will decrease if you are progressively overloading which means you can go up in weight as the reps come down.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to rest for at least forty-five seconds between sets; however, this will vary circumstantially. The more rest you have in between sets the more energy you will recover however you will be limiting the amount of stress you put on the muscle which isn’t always a good thing for growth.

Your workout program days are numbered: one, two, three, four, five, and six, depending on how many gym sessions per week you have selected. These days do not necessarily need to correspond with a static day of the week. Eg. Day one always falling on a Monday.

Please feel free to take your rest days as you best see fit. You may like to rest every third day, for example, or you may wish to complete all of your workouts and then take a rest day. Find out what works best for you and your goals.

Cardio is only included in the “Cutting” workout programs. Cardio is not included in “Bulking” workout programs; however, that does not mean you cannot do cardio.