Personalised meal plan

Below is your personalised meal plan. It is designed according to your calories and macro requirements.

You can either use each day as individual plans for the week to give you variety or feel free to repeat a particular day as you see fit. This can help both keep costs down, and reduce the time spent in the kitchen.

Meal Timing.

Meal frequency and nutrient timing are not as important compared to consuming all of your calories by the time you go to sleep so it is up to you however I would suggest spacing your meals out 2-3 hours apart.


If you have received something you dislike in your meal plan – don’t worry! Simply request a “Meal Swap” and I will swap it out with something of similar calories or if you want something specific email me and I will promptly help you out:

Weighing your Food

In order to get the best results possible you will need to weigh your foods however, as you become more familiar with your meal plan, you may be able to eyeball the amounts quite accurately. Lastly, weigh all of your food items uncooked unless otherwise specified.

Water Consumption

Although there is some conflicting information regarding water consumption, generally speaking, you’ll want to be aiming to consume between two and four litres of water per day.

Re-feed Days or Cheat Meals

If you have selected “Cutting” as your goal you will have received a Re-feed day. A Re-feed day is a day consisting of additional carbohydrates to help boost your leptin hormone levels (leptin is the king of all fat burner hormones). Alternatively you could have a cheat meal instead of a re-feed day. If you are going to have a cheat meal make sure to replace another meal which will reduce the total amount of additional calories from your cheat meal by a decent amount – basically making your cheat meal not as bad, but still a cheat meal.

> Day ONE


Egg White Omelette

10 Minutes

4 Ingredients

-285 ml Egg White

-100g Mixed Green Vegetables (Of Your Choice)

-2 pc toast

-2 tsp Olive oil

Macronutrient:              Amount:

Proteins                          51 grams

Carbohydrates               45 grams

Fats                                 18 grams

Total Calories                610 calories

> 1st Snack

Tuna Salad

10 Minutes

2 Ingredients

-95 gram tin tuna

-100g Mixed Green Vegetables

Macronutrient:              Amount:

Proteins                          21 grams

Carbohydrates               0 grams

Fats                                 9 grams

Total Calories                170 calories

> Lunch

Mediterranean Chicken Salad

15 Minutes

6 Ingredients

-100g Chicken breast (uncooked weight)

-50g Mixed Green Vegetables

-60g feta cheese (dairy)

-60g cucumber

-0.5 Avocado

-1 tsp Olive Oil

Macronutrient:              Amount:

Proteins                          35 grams

Carbohydrates               3 grams

Fats                                 32 grams

Total Calories                440 calories

> Dinner

Beef Mince, White Potato and Veg

10 Minutes

4 Ingredients

-200g beef mince (uncooked weight)

-150g white potato

-100g Mixed Green Vegetables

-2 tsp Olive Oil

Macronutrient:              Amount:

Proteins                          56 grams

Carbohydrates               20 grams

Fats                                 20 grams

Total Calories                565 calories

> Day TWO


> Day FOUR

> Day FIVE

> Day SIX