Nutrition Plan

You have not create any meals.


Your personalised meal plan is designed according to the answers you gave in your questionnaire.

I have created some options for each meal which will give us our calories and macros targets to work with.

Everything can be customized so feel free to email me if you need something changed whether its for taste or a change in routine.

I would suggest limiting the flexibility early on as this can help both keep costs down, and reduce the time spent in the kitchen.

You will notice the times to consume your meals are not mentioned – no we didn’t forget! Meal frequency and nutrient timing are not as important compared to consuming all of your calories by the time you go to sleep.

If you have received something you dislike in your meal plan – don’t worry! Simply request a “Meal Swap” via the Contact tab.

In order to get the best results possible you will need to purchase a food scale (if you haven’t already), these are cheap and will make your life a lot easier; however, as you become more familiar with your meal plan you may be able to eyeball the amounts quite accurately. Lastly, weigh all of your food items uncooked unless otherwise specified.

Although there is some conflicting information regarding water consumption, generally speaking, you’ll want to be aiming to consume between two and four litres of water per day.

If you have selected “Lose Fat” as your goal you will benefit from having a Re-feed day or a cheat meal. A Re-feed day is a day consisting of additional carbohydrates to help boost your leptin hormone levels (leptin is the king of all fat burner hormones).

A cheat meal is generally accepted once per week. However, it may be better to substitute the item(s) you’re wanting to consume into your meal plan, of course this isn’t “cheating,” but it is a good way to enjoy the odd guilt free meal. If you are going to have a cheat meal make sure to replace another meal which will reduce the total amount of additional calories from your cheat meal by a decent amount – basically making your cheat meal not as bad, but still a cheat meal.